Saturday, May 5, 2012

My favorite Beastie Boys song

Adam Yauch AKA MCA died of cancer at the age of 47 yesterday. So this group is most likely done. Which gives me an excuse to post my favorite song by them as a tribute: MCA wasn't as showy as the other guys, but he is responsible for my favorite set of lines from the song (skip to 1:17):
A puppet on a string, I'm paid to sing or rhyme Or do my thing, I'm -- in -- a -- lava lamp!

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Austin said...

RIP to one of the 3 white guys to put hip-hop on the charts.

I was always partial to the line,

"This girl walked by - she gave me the eye, I reached in the locker - grabbed the Spanish Fly, I put it with the Monkey - mixed it in the cup, Went over to the girl, 'Yo baby, what's up?'"

implications of placebo date rape notwithstanding.