Friday, November 26, 2010

Xmas wish list

I don't care what I get for Xmas.

I used to collect CDs. Then I'd ask for DVDs. Most recently, I've been collecting records. But now there's nothing out there I really want anymore. That is, I pretty much have everything I wanted.

Maybe I've still got a Thanksgiving hangover or whatever, but our culture seems to jump immediately from "taking a moment to appreciate what we've got" to "gotta get more gotta get more NOW NOW NOW" so quickly, it's ridiculous. Like, why schedule two holidays with the exact opposite message one right after the other?

Know what I want for Xmas? A job. I'm getting one, as soon as Kamehameha Schools gets their criminal background check on me done. Anything else? I would like my records and my record player, which are hopefully still being guarded watchfully by my brother-in-law Kip at his house. And my car, which we left in the care of my other brother-in-law Randy. But those are things I already had.

Oh, I know what else I want! A haircut. That's it really. I wouldn't mind some new threads, but I know I'm gonna get stuff to wear no matter what.

So when you go Xmas shopping, remember, don't get me anything. Sure, I wouldn't mind getting Inception or Community season 1, but it's not important to me. It's just stuff. I got plenty of that. There's people in this world who don't even have water. Get something for them instead.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Not cut out for this

Apologies go out to my man Austintatious for saying I'd do National Novel Writing Month for him this year. The goal is supposed to be 30,000 words by the end of the month and after 22 days my word count stands at 4,928, far short of where I should be. My idea was to track my progress on my Twitter, but even that stays mostly incomplete.

Looks like the only thing left to do is just keep working on my story for its own sake. I kind of like where it's at now anyway. Maybe this means I can finally accept myself for the writer that I am, totally incapable of churning out the words unless I feel like it. Which I guess means I'm not a real writer. It's just another thing that I dabble in. Kind of like blogging and music and reading books and basketball and most other things I've ever tried in life. It's a hobby.

Gotta keep working on it anyway. Not much else I can do.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to have a good day

1) Knock your first job interview in MONTHS out of the park, especially after the debacle that was your last job interview. Try to ignore that you still might not begin work until it's almost Xmas or something.
2) Watch a game of basketball in which your favorite team (JAZZ) triumphs over your least favorite player in the league (LEBRON JAMES) in overtime, on their home floor, by two points, because your favorite player on that team (PAUL MILLSAP) went bonkers (43 POINTS).
3) Have band practice. Make good progress on every song.
4) Do laundry (to stay grounded)
5) Play pickup basketball at the church that night. Play one of your best nights ever (except for that sequence where you miss 3 wide-open layups in a row due to fatigue and cost your team the game).
6) Wendy and Holden. Just have them.
7) Blog about it so it stays fresh forever.
8) Do a little writing.

Some days really shouldn't have to end.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I love the 70s

Maybe it's because it was the last decade before I was born, so I'll always feel like I missed out.

But is it just me, or were the 70s all kinds of awesome?

Lots of my all-time favorite movies came out in the 70s. A bunch more are just movies that I love because they're a throwback to that 70s vibe (Hello, Zodiac, nice to see you again). Check this list:

The Godfather
Star Wars
Dawn of the Dead
Apocalypse Now
All The President's Men
Aguirre, the Wrath of God
Taxi Driver

Holy crap, I'll just stop there. Is that a list of the best movies ever made or just a list of the best from that decade? I can't even tell.

Then there's the music. Serious question: with Pink Floyd and Joni Mitchell, do you actually need anything else to be considered the best decade ever?

I mean listen to some of this stuff, and if it doesn't speak to you in some way then I can't help you:

Luckily they weren't the only artists making music in that decade, cause I guess there might be one or two people somewhere who don't care for them. There was still Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, ABBA, Joy Division, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, the solo Beatles (before they turned crappy), Neil Young, James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, The Clash, Black Sabbath, I don't feel like listing anymore.

I guess some other important stuff happened that decade too. Like my parents getting married, which paved the way for me to exist. Or a president having to resign, which I'm still undecided whether that was a good or bad thing. The point is, if I could pick one decade to live in forever, I'd go with this one. Easily. Even if I had to deal with Ashton Kutcher being my wacky friend, it'd be worth it.

What's your favorite decade and why?