Friday, November 26, 2010

Xmas wish list

I don't care what I get for Xmas.

I used to collect CDs. Then I'd ask for DVDs. Most recently, I've been collecting records. But now there's nothing out there I really want anymore. That is, I pretty much have everything I wanted.

Maybe I've still got a Thanksgiving hangover or whatever, but our culture seems to jump immediately from "taking a moment to appreciate what we've got" to "gotta get more gotta get more NOW NOW NOW" so quickly, it's ridiculous. Like, why schedule two holidays with the exact opposite message one right after the other?

Know what I want for Xmas? A job. I'm getting one, as soon as Kamehameha Schools gets their criminal background check on me done. Anything else? I would like my records and my record player, which are hopefully still being guarded watchfully by my brother-in-law Kip at his house. And my car, which we left in the care of my other brother-in-law Randy. But those are things I already had.

Oh, I know what else I want! A haircut. That's it really. I wouldn't mind some new threads, but I know I'm gonna get stuff to wear no matter what.

So when you go Xmas shopping, remember, don't get me anything. Sure, I wouldn't mind getting Inception or Community season 1, but it's not important to me. It's just stuff. I got plenty of that. There's people in this world who don't even have water. Get something for them instead.


Wendy McMillan said...

I want to not look for a job. Looks like I'm getting that so I'm good.

Austin said...

I'd never thought of the Thanksgiving-Christmas juxtaposition before.

And it's true. The Christmases that I remember best are the ones that I got the least amount of "stuff."

So I'll get you both no stuff and a lot of well wishes, prayers and the stuff that isn't stuff. Merry Christmas and good luck with the new job.