Thursday, January 26, 2012

Feelgood music

When I badly need my spirits lifted, I listen to this stuff.

(Just watching this video with the sound off could make me happy.)

(what a very special time)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lyrics I like: Flipper - Shed No Tears

(The first in a new series)

I don't generally care about lyrics too much, becuase the words to a song are just vessels carrying the tune (and because the majority of song lyrics really suck). But there are some songs that convey a distinct message so succinctly and powerfully that it's impossible to ignore. These are the few songs that I listen to for the words as much as the music.

Now I would like to direct your attention to the song "Shed No Tears" by Flipper.

The music on Flipper's debut album "Generic" is totally beside the point (though still good). There's an 8-minute song on here where the only spoken words are "She's a sex bomb my baby/yeah". These are more like tone poems that happen to be set against a backdrop of crashing drums, loud basslines, and guitar feedback.

I find the lyrics to this song incredibly poignant because they attempt to find the positive side to things that are generally considered tragic. I've pasted the lyrics below and highlighted the sections I find especially potent. Listen to the song if you're interested.

Shed no tears for the martyr dying
Only in pain suffering and death
Can the martyr become what he's chosen to be

No tears wasted
No sorrow no pity
No, no crying, no loss

Shed no tears for the cop bleeding
He once held the gun. he once held the key
Now his prisoners will sing and dance and play

No tears wasted
No sorrow no pity
No, no crying, no loss

Shed no tears for the nun beaten
By the children she once called her flock
How they hate their teachers. who force darkness upon us

No tears wasted
No sorrow no pity
No, no crying, no loss

Shed no tears for the suicide
He has made his choice, the pain of life was great
And some will find it sweet to rot beneath the earth
As we rot and live and breathe

No tears wasted
No sorrow no pity
No, no crying, no loss

Saturday, January 14, 2012

DJ Jazzy Jake

I got a brand-new iPod nano for Christmas, which means I get to control the music we listen to at work now. The following is a selection of comments, without attribution or context, that my co-workers have made in reaction to being forced to listen to my music for hours at a time:

"Is this Pink Floyd?" (it was)

"This sounds like we're watching a movie."

"Can we listen to something happier?"

"This music is SO ANGRY."

"I could have written this song."

"Hey man, are you emo or something?"

"Is this Depeche Mode?" (it wasn't)

"Jacob, you have a lot of good music."

"'Death Is Not The End', that's kind of morbid."

"I hate Christmas music!"

"You have such a weird variety of stuff. But some of it is good."

I'm not sure what it says about me that I remember all these quotes. Maybe it means that I take things more personally than I should. But maybe I just work with some really outspoken people.