Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Back-up Plan part 5: Static white sound

Codeseven - A Sense Of Coalition (PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS BAND. This one is just an OK-ish hardcore punk album, but their later stuff is this dark, futuristic electro-rock with the smoothest, most powerfully emotive male vocalist I've ever heard on the mic. I saw them live on accident -- they were opening for this other band I wanted to see -- but they impressed me enough that I picked up their 2004 release "Dancing Echoes/Dead Sounds" and it ended up becoming my favorite album of that year. I was listening to it around the time I met Wendy and it was one of the first bands I got her into. So the album has double-special meaning for me. Beyond that, the songs are experimental yet perfectly structured, they touch on a whole variety of moods and styles, and the singing is just otherworldly. LISTEN TO THIS PLEASE.)
Dancing Echoes Dead Sounds by codeseven

Converge - Jane Doe
Converge - You Fail Me
(There's a reason why their Web site is called "". Converge have earned a dedicated underground following over 20 years of playing their frantic hybrid of death metal and hardcore. Whether you love them and singer Jacob Bannon's banshee shriek or not, that kind of work ethic and passion deserves respect.)

Cows - Sorry In Pig Minor (This CD is all weird and experimental and silly, but it's also incredibly mellow. Therefore I'm hardly ever in the right type of mood for it, and even if I am, I still don't care for the singer's voice. Here's the best song from it.)

Helios Creed - Planet X
Helios Creed - On The Dark Side Of The Sun
(Psychedelic acid space rock. Guitar alternately sounds like it's melting, vomiting or exploding. Sounds awesome, but the songwriting fails to live up to the cool gimmick.)

The Cure - Pornography (Obviously The Cure are a great band and I need to hear more stuff by them. All I know by them is this and their greatest hits. Also I had Disintegration once but I deleted it. Oh the shame.)

Dälek - Abandoned Language (Newark is the worst city I've ever been to in my life. All urban blight, rampant poverty and industrial wasteland. When people talk about how crappy New Jersey is, they're talking about Newark. Dälek (pronounced "di-a-leck")are a rap group from Newark, and they sound every bit like it. Their beats are dark, ugly, noisy and full of bitterness. The rapping is slow, monotone and full of pessimism. For obvious reasons, they are one of my all-time favorite rap groups.)

Dave Matthews Band - Live At Red Rocks
Dave Matthews Band - Listener Supported
Dave Matthews Band - Everyday
Dave Matthews Band - Busted Stuff
(Their albums always contain at least one flat-out killer track that, for whatever reason, you'll never hear on the radio. Here's one of them.)


Wendy McMillan said...

You should write music/film reviews professionally. You have a way of describing things that makes me want to become more familiar with them. I love you.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

Hard to get paid doing something I'm willing to do for free. But thank you and thank you for being sexy.