Sunday, April 22, 2012

I love my country

When I was younger, I always wanted to memorize the names of every Capitol city in the United States. For some reason, this seemed important at the time. We had a song we used to listen to at school that went "The United States, the United States, I love my country the United States", but that just had the names of the states, not the capitols. Then there was this song from Animaniacs: But that one always seemed too long to memorize. Of course, now that I actually do know all the capitols by heart, I understand that it's all just trivia. I'm never gonna need the information. So I'm not sure why this was something I wanted to know. I think the point is that someone should've told me what was important to memorize and what wasn't so that I wouldn't waste all my time with this stuff.

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Austin said...

I love this country too, and wanted to memorize all the states in alphabetical order (still can't do) and all the state capitals (i think i can do). Someone should have told us this wasn't as important as other things we learn in school. Like times tables, or cursive.

Reminds me of the play "Eleemosynary" where one of the characters wants to be the world's best speller, as she didn't realize Spelling Bee's are just something for kids, she thinks there's an adult division.