Sunday, March 11, 2012

Early 90s rap

We were playing a game of For The Record when I found out that Wendy does not know the song "Informer" by Snow. Word? Word. Bust it:

Soon it also became apparent that she wasn't sure who Kris Kross were. I told her that they were two little kids who wore their clothes backwards, but that just wasn't enough.

Then I started to question her a little further, and found out that for whatever reason, she just wasn't exposed to a lot of this stuff growing up. And really, that's none of my business. Her life was not mine. But maybe this is an attempt to make myself understood, to share some of my own experience and how it affected me. Or maybe this is just a flimsy excuse to post a blog of some of my favorite songs from childhood. Either way, Wendy now can no longer tell me she doesn't know this stuff.

(arm me with harmony)


Austin said...

...and now I have "Informer" stuck in my head. It only took a decade to get it out, now it's right back in. Thanks a lot.

and how could you not have heard those songs? What DID you listen to, Wendy? ;)

Wendy McMillan said...

GOOD music. The only rap I remember my brothers listening to was Beastie Boys. They mostly raised me on classic rock and 80s. Anyway I don't appreciate a genre that gets money and laughs from overusing the P word.