Sunday, December 4, 2011

Star Wars for girls

The one thing that all boys from my generation have in common is that we all loved Star Wars growing up. I don't know if that still applies to all boys, but I do know that a shared fanhood of the original trilogy was pretty much the only thing we all had in common.

(This isn't to say that Star Wars can only appeal to boys; obviously Leia is one kick-ass chick and Han Solo is God's gift to the female gender. But Star Wars love was universal in my pre-prequels age group, and almost nothing else was.)

What I've always wanted to know is, what is the female equivalent of Star Wars? What is the one pop culture thing that all the girls my age grew up loving? I've raised this question with different women before, and I've heard suggestions ranging from Little Mermaid to The Last Unicorn. But I have my own guess: I think it's Grease.

Face it: If you were a girl growing up in the early-to-mid-80s, you loved this. It pushed all of your female buttons and taught you what you were supposed to be like. I have not encountered a single women in this category who has disagreed (except for my wife, but I'm going to consider her a sole exception for now).

Of course, I'm probably totally off base. But if I am, what would be a better choice? It pains me to think that all the little girls growing up today are going to share an undying love for Twilight in common. So there had better be something good that women from my generation all loved.


Wendy McMillan said...

Thank you for noting me as an exception. I was getting riled up reading this post like we just talked about this but you remembered. Anyway, does it have to be something from childhood on? Honestly I would just combine all Disney princesses into one and say that.

Tracie said...

Um...I don't need a "Star Wars for girls" because Star Wars IS the movie from my childhood. I mean, I'm no Austin but I still consider myself a huge fan. There's always Princess Bride, but I wouldn't limit that to women.

(I did love Grease growing up though. But I love musicals in general so there's that.)

Tracie said...

Also, The Little Mermaid will always be one of my favorites (it's the first movie I remember seeing) even though the adult me cringes at the messages it sends. ("It's okay to alter your body for a boy!" I love this satire piece:

Wendy McMillan said...

So the fact that Grease is a musical totally outweighs the message that Sandy couldn't have Danny without sexing herself up into a dominatrix?

Ariel changed herself so she and Eric could consummate their relationship and everyone knows human sex is better than mermaid sex.

Amalie said...