Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tony Hawk + Napoleon Dynamite = Jacob Jake

So apparently,



At least, according to the students that I substitute teach. Agree or disagree?


Austin said...

I never would have thought the Tony Hawk thing, but that picture of him I can see a resemblance.

0 on the Jon Heder/Dynamite lookalike though.

Tracie always mentions some actor that reminds her of you, but I can't remember who. Maybe she can shed some light.

Austin said...

Vik Sahay, who plays Lester on Chuck. Check out his imdb image if you don't believe me.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

I never knew what Tony Hawk looked like before I started getting this (from multiple classrooms, although only one of them mentioned Heder. They meant I was a soundalike of him). I only knew his image from video games and wouldn't have recognized him on the street.

Don't see it on the Chuck guy.

Amalie said...

ah! agree, sort of.