Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ridiculous song obsessions

Help me stop listening to these. You listen to them, for a change.


Wendy said...

Maybe you should just stop listening to female artists altogether. Problem solved! BTW you have WAY too many Joni Mitchell albums. What are you, some kind of wannabe hippie now?

Jacob I. McMillan said...

Joni Mitchell is not hippie music. She's not the female James Taylor like you think she is. Ok maybe like 4 of her albums sound like that. But that's it.

Tracie said...

So I think we have a lot more in common in music than we do in literature.

I liked that Marina & The Diamonds song. (Never heard of the artist.) I also love Imogen Heap, particularly that song. The others I listened to and couldn't really get into (though it could have been because I was listening to them on my laptop with poor sound quality and distracted by Moby). I'll try listening to them again on the better computer.

I am impartial to Lady Gaga. I can take her or leave her. I do think she is tremendously influential and is shaking things up.