Sunday, September 7, 2008


Not really sure how this is supposed to work, but here:

Quirk: a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism.


1. I flap my hands around making stupid gestures in conversation. They are ineffective and don't help convey my point in any way, but I love making them.

2. Going up stairs I almost always - ALWAYS I mean - trip my foot up one of the steps. It's almost impossible for me to ascend a flight of stairs without doing this. Luckily I'm so used to this I don't fall down on my hands anymore.


3. I don't know how this is different from action, but I judge. I do it all day long. Everything I look at, everything I think about. NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THE MIGHTY JUDGMENT RAY. I can't turn off my opinion of everything filter and just let things be. I have to turn it into some drawn out conceptualization of what I think it should be. But I think most people do this.

4. When I'm pulled up next to someone at a stop light I instinctively turn my music down or roll the window up. Like I don't want to share the tunes with them or something. Because screw everybody; music is for me only.


5. Don't have much of one actually, but I have learned the hard way that social interaction does simply not come naturally to me. I have to twist my own arm just to say hello to someone. Maybe because I'm too busy judging all the time to

6. Actually my problem might be that I have this pressing need to not blend in. I need to stand apart from everything, probably so I can judge it more wisely. Because I like to be invited to participate, but not necessarily forced to. This has become depressing very quickly and I regret doing it.


9. I can't breathe through my nose and I HATE the thought of being a mouth-breather. So when I'm stuck in a public place I usually cover part of my face with my hand so I can increase my chances of getting oxygen to flow through my nostrils without drawing attention to the fact that my nose sucks at breathing. Oh, how I wish I could breathe through my nose.


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Amalie said...

o my gosh you ARe a mouth breather! haha. also I feel the same about not wanting to blend in. Blending in sucks!